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Client Testimonials

Miranda F.
“Blown away by my visit with Shar! I’m on my 4th battle with cancer, I’ve never been one to wear a wig but wanted to look into it this time due to my job. Shar’s wigs did not disappoint and have absolutely changed my mind on wigs! She was sweet, patient, and very knowledgeable about all her products. She has so many quality options to choose from, I absolutely recommend checking out her shop!”
Penny F.
“Shar was so very patient and offering advice and she made me feel very comfortable in a difficult situation. I love my new hair I bought 2!! It looks so much like my own color and style! Also she filed with my insurance company to reimburse part of my purchase!! Thank u again Shar for your expertise and kindness!!!”
Tama W.
“Shar is the best. My daughter and I came in at the end of the day and Shar spent the time to not only fit me with an adorable wig, filed the insurance paperwork and I left feeling beautiful she’s awesome. She understands how we feel and that is so important. Thank you Shar”
Debbie W.
“Shar was the most exceptional person I’ve encountered in the business world in a very long time. I cannot express how she made me feel So kind, compassionate, funny, caring, professional, and sweet she was to me. I found the exact wig right there that day!!!! I felt like she already knew me 5 mins after walking in the door!!!! I would 100% recommend her above and beyond any wig places in the Iindianapolis and surrounding areas!!!! Thank you Shar for giving me back my feeling of beauty on the outside and the tears of joy every time I run my fingers through it!!!!”
Kathie H.
“Shar helped me choose a wig for a trip to the Middle East. I have VERY short blonde hair and didn’t want to stand out so much. Shar stayed late to accommodate my schedule and then worked patiently with me to find a wig that I loved. Thank you, Shar, for your support.”
Michelle D.
“With the help of the ACS (American Cancer Society), they were able to help me in my process of recovering from cancer. The wig I received from Ms. Shar’s was exceptional and of great quality. My experience with Ms. Shar was calm and assuring, as she aided and helped me with a wig and a bra. Thanks Ms. Shar and the ACS for giving me my life back.”
Riley N.
“Shar’s Hair Boutique was everything I had hoped for and more! I came to Shar as an insecure and scared 20 year old who has hair loss caused by Lupus. I left confident, uplifted, and beyond happy. She takes time to listen to your concerns and evaluates what type of wig would be best for you. Thank you Shar, for making me feel beautiful again!”
Janice A.
“Thanks to Shar’s Hair Boutique I had my very own custom wig made just for me that looks really natural and feels very soft. My family could not tell that it was a Wig.”
Norma G.
“What a Great Experience! The customer service I received from Shar was excellent. She has so much patience and experience. It was so nice to be able to sit down with someone that knows what you are going through and has such empathy for her customers. You will definitely be satisfied.”
Jennifer D.
“I have female pattern baldness, and over the years have slowly lost more and more hair, until my dermatologist told me, “It’s time for a wig.” I chose Shar’s Medical Supplies as my first place to try because I wanted a private setting and an individual consultation. Shar was amazing to work with. She has a great way of really listening to people and responding kindly, and managed to make me, at least, feel zero embarrassment. She also knows wigs and what matches up with the customer’s needs. She gave me solid advice when I really needed it. I bought a wig from her that first visit, and also ordered a custom wig because I have naturally curly hair, and I badly wanted to still look like myself. In making my custom wig, Shar consulted with her wig maker again and again, using photos I gave her of my hair as it used to be, photos of me she took in the shop, and the curl pattern I chose. The wig I received is amazing. It curls just like my own hair used to, except it never has a bad hair day. And it doesn’t tangle. I “comb” it with my fingers only, no hair brush or comb needed. When I wash it, it air dries back into a perfect curly wig. People who haven’t seen me in a while think I’ve just grown my hair back out.”
Jo B.
“After purchasing and returning nearly 20 wigs from HSN & QVC, I had nearly given up until a friend suggested I make an appointment with a local wig consultant. With multiple Zoom meetings every week, I wanted a fresh, flattering look – and hoped to find a wig that lessened the time I spent styling my hair for Zoom meetings and in-person appointments. As I searched online for a local professional, I found Shar’s Boutique. I was impressed with her website and immediately made an appointment online. Shar contacted me in less than 30 minutes to get acquainted and arrange an appointment within a couple of days. Shar was friendly and her voice expressed genuine kindness. A few days later, I stepped into Shar’s Boutique for my private appointment and was immediately impressed with Shar’s gentle demeanor, the peaceful space, and the wide assortment of wigs on display. Shar is a thoughtful listener and a knowledgeable professional with a keen eye for wig colors and styles that brought new life to me. There were numerous choices, and I appreciated Shar first educating me about how different wigs are designed. I described “the look” I wanted, and the shades I liked – Shar thoughtfully chose 7 wigs for me to try. I truly valued Shar’s honest feedback. Originally, I thought I would simply have a consultation…but 1 hour later, I was in love with 2 wigs – a striking dark brunette with highlights & lowlights and a gorgeous salt & pepper. They were different styles, brands and equally flattering. I was amazed at the comfort, and the quality far exceeded the wigs I purchased online. The HSN/QVC looked “like wigs” – but Shar’s wigs are stunning and even I felt as though they were my own gorgeous hair! 😉 I purchased both! Shar recommended a stylist for minor trimming of the bangs I wanted. Once again, Shar’s expertise directed me to a stylist who is highly talented with wig trims. I have received such complimentary feedback from family, friends and clients – and they all made comments about how they loved my stunning hairstyle and/or loved my dazzling new color. 😉 I am feeling fresh and beautiful again after a long year with hours and hours of Zoom meetings every day. I wish I had met Shar 12 months ago! If you are hesitant thinking a wig will look like a wig, you must visit Shar at her boutique. With Shar’s thoughtful guidance and personal attention, you will be surprised by the instant uplift in your spirits when you look in the mirror wearing the gorgeous wig that’s there just for you! I am thrilled with my experience and love my hair! My deep gratitude to you, Shar!”

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